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Since the time of death we manage all the necessary documentation for the service you need. (burial, cremation, transfer┐etc) in a modern building structure and with highly qualified staff.


Both in the Morgue I (Son valentÝ) and Morgue II (Bon Sosec) as well as the crematorium you will find chapels of rest service at your disposal. All the Chapels of rest are equipped with the equipment and comfort necessary for the reception of family and friends in the best conditions of privacy and respect.

Ceremony room

In its desire to offer a plural service and adapt to citizenship tendencies the EMPSA has a large room adapted to any need or belief, both religious and civil.


Being aware of the very difficult time that involve we propose to you easy and comfortable solutions with a professional and thoughtful staff.
This service include a special solid wood cuffin to cremate without pollutant lacquers.
There are also a Wide range of urns from metallic, marble, wood, biodegradable, etc.
We have at your disposal places to deposit the ashes. From columbarium or an ashes's garden (FREE) in a landscape area.


We have at your disposal a specialized department in National and International transfers with a treatment of seriousness and quality.
We arrange all appropriate procedures to carry out a transfer, both to the mainland or abroad no have to worry about anything. We carry out all the bureaucratic procedures in Majorca (Licences, permissions, taxes┐) till the contact with the addressee funeral homes of the chosen place. We also arrange all procedures with consulates, in the case of moving abroad book flights to the airport, etc.

Obituaries and cards

We communicate to put obituaries with any Balearic or national newspaper
We have at your disposal different models of cards with or without photograph.

Date of last modification:3 of July 2012